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Find your next event in Belgium, France, Netherlands & Luxembourg. You will always find an event near you. We also have the ambition to develop multiple functionalities, always dedicated to culture, its actors and culture lovers. In the near future, we are actively working to integrate other European countries.

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Let’s all take care of each other

The health crisis has particularly weakened the cultural sector but it is slowly recovering thanks to everyone's commitment.

Culturius offers you

We want you to enjoy the culture in the best possible way and that's why we are developing a series of useful features.

An online magazine

Dedicated to culture with editorial and audiovisual content


Fully customizable page for artists and technicians

A ticketing service

A safe, efficient and accessible solution for everyone in Europe

A catalogue

A portal to consult, produce and exchange cultural offers


Live broadcasts so you don't miss any performance

Culturius, Where Culture Meets People!

Culturius, Where Culture Meets People!

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A cultural magazine offered by Culturius. To learn more about culture in Europe.

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