The best festivals for Summer 2024

An unforgettable cultural journey

The summer of 2024 promises to be a busy one for festivals in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Here's a comprehensive guide to the best summer festivals, perfect for lovers of music, culture and new experiences.
Music festivals are renowned for their diversity and electrifying atmosphere. Whether it's electronic, rock or indie, every country has iconic events that bring together internationally renowned artists and passionate crowds. These festivals stand out for their eclectic programming and impressive staging, offering unique experiences for festival-goers.
For lovers of the performing arts and culture, summer is a particularly rich time of year. Historic towns and cities are transformed into giant stages, hosting performances of theatre, dance, classical music and the visual arts. These festivals are an opportunity to discover contemporary works and performances by troupes from all over the world, often in exceptional settings.
Film buffs are not left out in the cold with the many film festivals held throughout the summer. These prestigious events feature world premieres, retrospectives and international competitions, attracting directors, actors and film enthusiasts. These festivals are a must for discovering the latest trends in the seventh art and exchanging ideas with professionals from all over the world.
Europe, with its rich cultural and geographical diversity, transforms summer into a season of celebration and discovery. Planning a visit to one of these festivals promises an unforgettable experience, combining fun, culture and exceptional encounters. Whether you're a music lover, an art enthusiast, a gourmet or a nature lover, there's a summer festival in Europe for you.


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