It all started by culture lovers

Since 2019, it is a team of passionate people whose goal is to develop a large-scale project with one ambition: to promote the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe by widening their access to its citizens. We want to encourage the mobility, development and digitalisation of the cultural, creative and artistic sector and increase the possibilities of contacts and encounters at a regional, national and international level.

A platform for culture and nothing else

At a crossroads of cultural catalogue, media and social media, Culturius is a European space where cultural operators, technicians, artists and audiences meet to consult, produce and exchange information on all the different fields of culture.

A portal to the European cultural world

We are gradually rolling out our portal, starting with regions we know well: Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Our ambition is to quickly cover the rest of the European countries and to include new languages. First, the platform is therefore available in French and English.

Driven by strong values


Digitising European culture on a single platform and providing a communication tool for culture lovers.

Respect for individuals

Highlighting diversity and individual contributions, creating a trusting, open and inclusive environment. We put people at the centre of our attention.


Sharing each other's emotions, experiences, passions and knowledge.


Working together (Culturius team, volunteers, partners, users, artists, cultural operators, etc.) with empathy and trust.

For whom?

Rehearsal studio with three white guitarists

Those who create

Passionate artists, musicians, comedians, humorists, scenographers, visual artists... established or emerging. We want to enable them to achieve greater visibility.

Contemporary art gallery with white walls

Those who host

All venues such as theatres, museums, galleries,venues, cinemas, cultural centres, concert halls, etc. To give them the opportunity to promote their news and attract new audiences.

Cameraman with a black hat filming a mastering sound engineer with a black cap on backwards

Those who shape

Producers of cultural events, technicians, production companies, theatre companies, collectives, festivals, art schools, etc. To expand their network and highlight their skills.

Several festival-goers in the midst of their fun raising their hands and shouting

Those who support

All culture lovers who are looking for new national or international experiences.

What areas do we cover?

Our ambitions

Culturius is growing every day to provide you with an intelligent and high-quality platform. Today, we offer a multifaceted type of service with a 360° view on the creative, artistic and cultural sector in Europe.

Coming soon   

Creating a community of cultural actors such as cultural operators, artists and creators

Optimisation of our digital portal where you can meet people and take advantage of opportunities

Integration of volunteer journalists in a human project with Culturius Magazine, which is a friendly and meaningful space for them to share their vision of culture through their pen