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Are you looking for cultural events in Marseilles? Go to the South of France and discover la cité phocéenne for a complete cultural agenda. We have a very rich cultural program on the local level!


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Culture in all its authenticity in Marseilles

Le Dôme, l'Affranchi, le Moulin, le Cepac Silo and venues of la Friche la Belle de Mai… are cultural places in Marseilles. It is part of the cultural heritage of Marseilles, so don't waste a single second to not miss any of your favourite artist, actor, singer during their visit to Marseilles or to discover local artists. Marseillais talents in the past (IAM, Fonky Family, Jul, Soprano, Maurice Béjart, Bernard Tapie, Marina Kaye, Amandine Albisson and many others) have been able to bring cultural diversity offer to light in other French cities and abroad. Following the example of the talents of tomorrow, you will get your teeth into a local and very varied cultural offer (Marsatac festival, Marseille jazz des 5 continents, Festival de Danse et des Arts Multiples, International Film Festival) like the diversity in Marseilles.

Crazy festivities in Marseilles

With emblematic clubs or festive districts, the nightlife is in full swing, passing through from an underground party at Trolleybus to a more upmarket evening (for example in the open air) at Bazar Club, from the Joliette district to the Panier district for a lively evening with friends or family in one of Marseilles historic districts. From Monday to Monday, just like the city of Amsterdam, you can enjoy the Mediterranean vibe every night of the week with a variety of activities: theaters, cinema, bars and nightclubs. You don't need summer to enjoy the sun because winter is mild and pleasant, like the cultural richness of Marseilles and its unusual places such as the Dock des Suds, which allows visitors to discover the multiple expressions of music from the region and LE ZEF which is both a place of residence for artists and a cultural dissemination.

Culture is part of daily life in Marseilles

Located between Nice and Montpellier, Marseilles has become a more cultural city since its appointment as European Capital of Culture in 2013. During this period, the 4.5 hectares "la Friche la Belle de Mai" was the spearhead of the cultural capital of Marseilles, where there are still actors, painters and dancers. This is a project that links the creativity of artists (350 resident artists and 600 public artistic proposals per year) and the local population (cultural actions with schools). There are also other places of creation and experimentation such as street art in the Cours Julien district, the Cité des arts de la rue with its 3.6 hectares and the Rooftop Centre d'art de la Cité Radieuse with its free exhibitions; these cultural places favor arts in public spaces. Open-air museums (urban art), museums, exhibitions, concerts, shows, nightlife, festivals ... take advantage of these free or paid festivities in the cultural diversity of Marseilles.

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