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Travelling in Belgium? Visit Namur! It hosts some of the most popular entertainment events all year round. With Culturius, find out what’s happening in the city and give yourself the chance to see and do much more than a typical tourist itinerary.


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Take a tour around Namur, a city with a rich cultural heritage

Walk or take a cable car to the top of the Citadelle de Namur, the city’s ancient fortress. From here enjoy some breathtaking views of Namur and take some pictures for instagram too! You can also enjoy a guided tour of the underground tunnels of the citadel. Immerse yourself in the world of Namurois art by visiting the Musée Félicien Rops or the Musée des arts anciens, where local art from the 7th to 16th century is exhibited.

Connect with the local scene

The entertainment and cultural scene in Namur is bustling. For music lovers looking for concerts in Namur, the Bélvèdere regularly hosts concerts for some of the top international artistes. Namur is also a city of festivals: it annually hosts various festivals dedicated to film, nature, technology and culture. For those looking for free outdoor activities, take a walk in the centre of the city and discover street art, graffiti and even the famous giant turtle sculpture ‘Searching for Utopia’.

Extend your journey to other cities in the Province of Namur

Only 1 hour by train from Brussels, Namur is the ideal destination for a spontaneous day or weekend trip. Even better, if you decide to travel at the weekend, the SNCB offers a weekend train ticket from Brussels that costs only 10 euros! Namur isn’t just a city, it’s also one of the five provinces of the French-speaking Wallonia region. Explore other cities in Namur province such as Gembloux and Dinant.

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