Celebrating culture in all its forms

23 nov. 22
23 dec. 22

For one month, Culturius celebrates culture in all its diversity, genre and creativity. We invite you to be open to all disciplines: music, theater, dance, exhibitions, cinema, visual arts,... And to discover new artists, new cultural venues, in new neighborhoods, in new cities.

A look back at the key events

In many cities in Belgium

Let’s celebrate culture together...

Several artists' photos aligned vertically to form a landscape photo

In its multitude

Culturius breaks down cultural barriers and allows you to broaden your horizons and attend almost 400 eclectic events. Why choose between music and theatre, visual arts, and live performances, when you can experience everything at once!

Groups of people contemplating an artwork

In its cohesion

Culturius aims to represent the cultural landscape in its entirety by putting all creative projects on an equal footing, regardless of financial status, experience, or renown.

A huge set of pink capital letters with the inscription Everybody say love on a large square in front of the entrance to an establishment.

In its commitment

Culture Month is the perfect opportunity to highlight committed cultural actors who advocate inclusion, diversity, and respect for each individual, in their artistic expressions, internal structures, actions and activities.

Group of people, meeting in a cultural setting

In its action

“How can we think about culture in a more transversal and creative way? How can we review the sharing of tools and resources between various players? “So many future issues affecting the sector that we invite you to address together in our workshops, conferences, and discussion tables, in the company of exceptional speakers.