Meet the team

Get to know the Culturius team! Here you are multiple actors in culture, they have come together to consult, produce and exchange information on the international stage. The project aims to be an opportunity-maker, a new portal to the European creative, artistic and cultural world.

Serge Vanderheyden

Grégoire Tolstoï

Jonathan Astre

Sabrina Dini

Marina Shvanova

Ben Abdellaoui

Bruno Mattelet

Benoite Iradukunda

Beaudri Muamba

Sebastien Lamotte

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A cultural project, a common vision, individuals

First and foremost, Culturius is a human project and a vision shared by people from all walks of life, whether they are partners, volunteers or trainee

Culture lovers

Who is behind each article in the digital magazine? They are professional journalists or amateurs with a passion for culture, who lend us their pens to cover all the cultural news in Europe. They bring their know-how, their skill and give their time to offer us in-depth articles, reports, interviews and quality surveys.

Passionate employees

Four web development schools and communication or graphic design schools collaborate with us: MolenGeek, BeCode, École 19, École 42, IHECS, Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer, etc. We are a vehicle for integration for those looking for meaningful employment.

As part of this integration dynamic, we offer positions of responsibility to students who want to acquire new skills in a young and dynamic start-up.