HOW TO CHEAT ON YOUR HUSBAND•Eindhoven•Comedy in English• 5:00PM+7:30PM


You are all invited to my “wedding" comedy special. It’s not a real wedding, but we have jokes, real funny stories, drinks & music. I might be wearing a wedding dress, but please don’t wear a suit, unless you work in investment and don’t have time to change. But also, don’t come naked.

Single, married, divorced, in a relationship, situation-ship or just confused you're welcome to watch the show and get involved! Bring a plus one, or come alone, bring your friends, parents or mother-in-law if you really hate yourself, or are Eastern European & they still live with you. I know children and priests are allowed at weddings, but this is still a comedy show. If you are a priest, dress as a civilian and we won’t know.

Luana has been called "an essential comedic voice for the future of international stand up comedy”. She is an anti-cupid Comedian who will make you laugh AND rethink your relationship. But be prepared: Luana's dream is to cause at least one breakup among couples who watch her show.



🗓 Sunday, December 10, 2 shows

5PM Show 🕢 Doors open 4:30 PM / show starts 5:00PM

7:30PM Show 🕢 Doors open 7:00 PM / show starts 7:30PM

📍Theater de Generator, Leiden

🎟️ online tickets from 10 euro / tickets on the door 20 euro


Luana Matei (Ro/NL) & Friends

REVIEWS from past audiences:

"Luana is your friend who always has a story to tell, except her stories are always funny. She did a particular set for the audience on the day that I saw her, mixing up her material. It worked!

Her humour resonates with me and it will resonate with you too: yes, you can laugh about communism and infidelity and bad sex and parents (oh, parents!) and ninjas and sleeping your way around the world. Her humour is messy and dark, because, well, life is messy and dark. Yes, it is her story that she tells, but it is very much your story too.

I smiled all through the show and laughed with my own husband and my friends (I thought appropriate to bring to the show not only my husband but also my best friends, whose wedding I celebrated ;) I’d go again to her shows when she comes to my city!" Gaia


"Invited my partner on our anniversary and it was great! Think of Luana as the Mouth Of Truth and be prepared to hear some truths and laugh at all of them! I have never been asked so openly when was the last time I had sex, or if we cheated on each other (ps yes we did but we fixed it). Anyone in need of a sex talk, give it a try;)" Monika Rimini


"Went to see this today and and had such a laugh! The show felt personal, like a catch up with a good mate! I am a lover of dark humour and perfectly timed jokes and this had it! Had a brilliant time and I’d defo recommend!" Kelsey Christie-whelan


"Saw this show as a last minute decision. Didn't stop laughing! The performer really knows how to captivate their audience and is a great storyteller. " Amber Leadbetter

---Who is Luana? IG: @luanacomedy---

Luana Matei (RO), originally from Romania, she lived in Tokyo for 12 years before getting trapped in Amsterdam during the lockdown.

In 2022/23 she began extensively touring Europe & Asia, having performed in 51 cities across 29 countries, with over 250 packed shows (150+ sold out) entertaining more than 20,000 people. Her comedy is dark, insightful, and deftly encapsulating her experiences living and traveling around the world! She takes vulnerability to another level, pushing the boundaries of "How soon is too soon?"

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Op 29 februari 2024, de dag die eens in de vier jaar voorkomt, organiseren de BIM en SUB40DB het Omdenken-event ! Een extra dag in het jaar met daardoor extra tijd om geïnspireerd te raken. Dé ideale dag om je netwerk uit te breiden en nieuwe perspectieven te ontdekken, zowel voor young professionals als ervaren ondernemers. De een inspireert de ander en andersom; dat is nog eens omdenken! Berthold Gunster (1959) is de grondlegger van het Omdenken, maar hij rolt zijn begrip inmiddels verder uit met een team. Dit team verzorgt ook deze middag een energieke show om in 40 minuten geïnspireerd te raken. We nodigen jullie graag uit om deze extra tijd goed te benutten in De Gruyter Fabriek bij Brasserie F @degruyter. Ben jij er ook bij? Meld je dan nu snel aan! Tijdens dit event worden er foto’s en video's gemaakt om een beeld te schetsen van het event. Deze worden gedeeld via sociale media. Mocht je bezwaar hebben dat we een foto met o.a. jou als persoon erop delen, dan horen we dit graag.
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